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An exceptional experience.
Imagery full of life.

True connection. 
Lasting photographs.

When future generations look at your wedding photographs, I want them to feel like they were there, living the day alongside you.

Then, when they feel that connection, they can carry that love for generations to come.  That's the goal.  That's the story I want to tell.

"Julia Wade has been one of our favorite and “go-to” wedding photographers for years. Her abounding kindness and thoughtfulness shines through in her photos and the way she interacts on a wedding day. Julia not only creates a friendship with planners but becomes an integral part of the wedding day. I am so thankful to have Julia’s friendship within the wedding industry and far beyond it."

Neillie Butler, Owner, Mariee Ami Weddings


"As a photographer myself, I chose Julia, for her style which feels very journalistic in nature. I appreciated the way she blended into the seams, and produced moments that are fleeting to the untrained eye. So much of her talent lies in her ability to read people, and to manage the emotions of the bride (couple) and the mothers (let’s be honest) and I have seen her work in so many situations now - She is truly a chameleon, and molds her gentle approach to whatever the day and the couple needs specifically." 

Margaret Cheatham, NY Times Photographer and Owner, Moxie’s Daughter


"Julia … we love you and are so honored to have you be a part of it. I feel lucky beyond belief.. Don’t know if I ever could have imagined life could be this sweet. Thank you for capturing it with such love and beauty."

Sara Salisbury, September 2021


"Thank you for being a part of making this weekend an absolute dream. You are a rockstar and we loved working with you. These pictures are absolutely stunning. I couldn't have dreamed of better pictures. WOW. Julia, you are incredible!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!"

Claire Virga, June 2019


Kind Words

Live and breathe your day to its fullest, knowing that you will leave with imagery that tells your story.

It's about the family you come from and the new one you'll create.