About Julia

What I Believe.

I believe in lasting love.  I believe family brings deep and real joy.

I believe the more you live and breathe and feel your wedding day, the more beautiful the imagery will be.

I believe it is a rare occasion that you celebrate with the dearest people you love under one roof and because of that, each wedding should be photographed with care and with a very full heart.

My Favorite Things.


Nothing is more important to me or more fulfilling than being a mother and a wife. Jonathan and I have spent over half of our lives together and adore our three beautiful children. This love and devotion is at the heartbeat of my craft and why my camera is drawn to your family and community on your wedding day.


I grew up in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah and after marrying Jonathan, moved to San Francisco and then to North Carolina. We love travel and love finding a deep sense of home when we return. Sharing unforgettable experiences has shaped our marriage and we hope to instill that love in our three children.


Life is beautiful. The people we are surrounded by are gifts. To be able to deliver that as a tangible product weekend after weekend fulfills me and is what keeps me coming back wedding season after wedding season. I am 12 years in and find joy in your unique, beautiful and individual stories.