2016 Year End Review

I shot my first wedding in San Francisco in 2009 and since that time I’ve traveled all over the country, and now across the world to photograph professionally.  I also became a mother during those 8 years of shooting to two incredible little humans and it has become very clear what is important to me both personally and professionally: I want to connect, I want add meaning, and I want to love those around me fiercely.

What I hope these images show you is that love.. my love for connection, my love for family and my love for this beautiful gift of life we’ve been given.  It’s all I want for my work and for my legacy and so I feel incredibly humbled to try and create that kind of imagery day in and day out.

So a very heartfelt thank you to my clients, my friends.  Thank you for trusting and collaborating with me to tell your stories.  Thank you for meaningful experiences across the globe and in my own backyard.  Each day and each shot meant something to me because I was able to get to know you, laugh with you, connect with you and then witness your incredible days unfold in front of my camera.

I really am so, so grateful.  Cheers to 2016.