The Lyerly FamilyNorth Carolina Lifestyle Photographer

North Carolina Lifestyle Photographer \\ I first have to say that Michelle is a killer photographer.  Like go with your gut, shoot with your heart kind of photographer.  I’m so grateful to know her and to love her family.  I also want to say that family photography does not have to be hard.  It should be easy, it should be fun and it will be a work of art.  As a mother myself, it is so important for me to document a family as it is.. I want you to remember these little babes just as they are.  Let’s remember their sweet souls, their curiosity for life, and their growth.

So let’s take a hike together, bake cookies, visit a tree farm, head to the beach, stay at home, find your favorite park, ride bikes, and do whatever it is your family does.  It is enough.  Let’s find the beautiful light and joy in all of that goodness and document your interaction, your smiles, and those incredible in between moments.  Because that is what I think you’ll want to remember in the years to come.  It’s at least what I’d want to remember, and so that’s how I shoot it.

Thank you so much for letting me document your family Michelle.  Love you guys.  And love this mountain.