To Celebrate2014 In Review

My 2014 will be celebrated, and cherished, and remembered because this year brought so much joy both personally and professionally.  2014 brought me a new son, a new home, and clients that filled my heart as they too started a path together as a new family.  The longer I shoot, the more I realize I photograph because I believe that a family, no matter what size, or shape or makeup can bring a soul more happiness than can be imagined.  So cheers my friends, clients and colleagues.. to being happy and documenting it.

Here’s a look at my 2014.

photo by Kellie Kano |


photo by Kellie Kano |


  • Michelle said:

    These are so beautiful Julia. What an incredible year for you and your family. Every one of those people above are blessed beyond words to know you and to have been photographed by you. Including me! xoxo.