Hard At Work Or Hardly Working? Take 2013..

Hands down, 100% the reason I love my job.  Right here.  In these images.  Crazy fun bridal parties, AMAZING couples (the best, if I say so myself) breathtaking venues, bands that keep parties going all night long, vendors turned friends, California light at sunset, stopping traffic in downtown Raleigh, last minute decisions for first looks in the rain, endless fields with golden sunshine, a firefighter, lots of dress fluffing, Spanish moss dripping over a quiet sound, big board tables to sit on.. it all adds up to a career that is interesting, dynamic, stressful and relentlessly rewarding.

Here’s a look at my 2013.. behind the scenes.

Thank you Vanessa, Michelle, Erin, Kaylynn & Megan for these shots!  I LOVE. :)

  • Lindsey said:

    You are cute!

  • Carrie said:

    I just saw you and I miss you already, lol. xoxo

  • Jackie McKittrick said:

    You are so tremendously talented! I only wish that I had gotten a picture WITH you at our wedding. Like an official one :) I find myself looking at your webpage just to witness your stunning photographs.