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Miracle Will

Carrie Geddie

Teary over here… THIS is the stuff that matters, couldn’t agree more. What a beautiful family, beautiful images… Love.

Tara Parker

JULIA! Thank you for sharing this story! What an amazing miracle and how lucky is this family that they have your beautiful pictures to tell this story! Beautiful!

What a joy Will is and how beautiful is it of you to document this families story. I mean, I am in tears looking through these images and thinking about how much it must mean for them to have such an amazing friend in you. These images are absolutely priceless.

I’ve already posted another comment via Facebook above, but I can’t pull myself away from this post. You are amazing. I must stop the tears now…

Kristin @ Southern Weddings

Julia – This post melted my heart. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work – and for sharing this beautiful family and their powerful story!!! xo – Kristin