Don’t Give Up Project: A Letter To My Son and My Husband


Goodness. I love you so much. Your words – these images – remembering just how it felt to hug you and laugh with you and be a part of this amazing experience WITH YOU. Don’t ever forget how incredible you are. Ever.

My dear Julia. I am so proud of you for this note and for sharing with all of us how deeply Colorado impacted you. I truly cannot wait to see you continue the journey that was started in Colorado and watch you grow as a person, mother, wife and photographer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, YOU are a wedding photographer for a reason – and that reason is your heart and soul and depth to connect and create images that matter. Love you so much.


What a great post! There’s so much more in my heart, but no words for it. So “what a great post” will have to suffice!