Don’t Give Up Project: A Letter To My Son and My Husband

I wasn’t quite sure how to blog about Colorado.  So I decided to write to Quin and Jonathan instead.  I hope it helps you understand in some small way what I felt and learned at the Don’t Give Up Project and that I am motivated more than ever to create beautiful, meaningful imagery for you.  Life is beautiful.  Your lives are beautiful.. and so meaningful.  Photographing that is truly what matters.  XO, J

To my son and my husband.

You are my everything.  I absolutely knew it before I went to Colorado, and because of Colorado, I know I am the artist I am because of you.

I now know that photographing from that space we have together, and only that space, will help me create even more beautiful and meaningful imagery.  Because you are what matters.  We matter.  The people that surround us, our family, our friends, our neighbors, our community, are what matters.  Investing in them matters.

Thank you for sacrificing to get me to Colorado.  It was hard to be away.  But know that the people I met, the feelings I felt, and the lessons I learned will forever change our family.  My phone will be put away more often, the computer will be off while we are together.  We will sit around the dinner table, laugh and smile, eat good food, knowing that these memories that we create together are far more important.  Know that I will continue to create imagery with all of my heart, and know that I will create it with authenticity.. because of you.

Know that I am imperfect and that we are imperfect, and that being imperfect is the most beautiful of life’s experiences.  Know that we get to grow together and that we are in it together.  To not give up.  Know that this beautiful life we are striving towards is my why.

I love you both so, so dearly.

Thank you Parsons and for my sweet new friends for the spark and motivation to return to my true self.  To trust in my true self and in others.  And to know that is enough.


  • Athena said:

    Goodness. I love you so much. Your words - these images - remembering just how it felt to hug you and laugh with you and be a part of this amazing experience WITH YOU. Don't ever forget how incredible you are. Ever.

  • My dear Julia. I am so proud of you for this note and for sharing with all of us how deeply Colorado impacted you. I truly cannot wait to see you continue the journey that was started in Colorado and watch you grow as a person, mother, wife and photographer. I've said it before and I'll say it again, YOU are a wedding photographer for a reason - and that reason is your heart and soul and depth to connect and create images that matter. Love you so much.

  • Molly said:

    What a great post! There's so much more in my heart, but no words for it. So "what a great post" will have to suffice!