Kristin & Jeff’s Wedding

I wish I could give you each an ounce of the energy and joy that was present during Kristin & Jeff’s wedding day.  It was overwhelming.. and filled me with so much happiness to be there and to document it.  The morning started gray and cool, but the moment the ceremony processional began, the sun came out and stayed for the rest of the day.. just for Kristin & Jeff.  It was so beautiful.

With every detail, every smile, every embrace.. I could feel how much Kristin & Jeff were loved and how much they loved.  I hope these photographs help you feel even a small piece of that.

Kristin & Jeff’s incredible wedding day at Fearrington Village..  (PS: be on the lookout for Kristin doing the worm.. in her dress. No kidding.)

  • SERIOUSLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a beautiful and emotional post, Julia! Seems like such a wonderful couple, and a ridiculously beautiful wedding to boot!

  • But seriously could she be any cuter?! The answer is no she could not possibly be any cuter with that lovely hair and doing the worm and rockin' that dress. Swoon. What a great wedding.

  • GORGEOUS Julia!!!!! ALL DAY LONG!!!! :) Beautiful couple who seem like so much fun and amazing photographs!!!!!

  • Kelly said:

    The joy in these images is infectious! Yay yay yay! Beautiful work!

  • These are GORGEOUS, Julia!! Her dress and her hair are beautiful... she was a stunning bride and the wedding looks like a joy. You really captured their love quite beautifully. LOVE YOU!

  • marta said:

    julia! i think you find the coolest brides out there. i love the worm shots! nicely done. such personality and fun always shines through your photos. you are likely booked up for the summer.. so excited for you following your passion and being such a darling mama to quin. what a boy he is!! oh my. i die. so sweet. happy mama's day.

    p.s. just watched that julia photog video. loved every minute. so classy, julia. i love how genuine you are!!!

  • Jessica said:

    SO, SO, SO beautiful!! Amazing work Julia!! What a beautiful couple!?!