Hard At Work.. Hardly Working?

I would hope by this point in this little blog’s career, that it would be plain and clear that I 1,000% adore my job.  It’s sometimes hard to call it work despite the long, physical hours and thousands of images we produce every wedding.  It’s also pretty funny to be culling through these thousands of images and every once in awhile see a quick snap of myself at work.. Most of the time I do a quick face palm and wonder if my clients thought I just looked absolutely ridiculous.. especially while demonstrating a Warrior Two to nine bridesmaids and my bride during formals. ;)

So I thought it would be so fun to give you a quick peek into a few “behind the scene” moments that took place during my incredible 2012 season.. Thanks to Perry, Vanessa & Michelle for grabbing a few of these. xo














  • Molly said:

    These are great! Love seeing you in action!

  • Haha yes!! So glad to see these, Julia!! It's wonderful to see such a lovely lady at work doing what she does best - making beautiful photographs and the world a better place. :)

  • Carter said:

    These are too cute:) Love that my wedding made a few! I was looking and thought, hmm that girl looks exactly like me how crazy! DUH:) You work so hard and did such a great job capturing my day!

  • Jackie said:

    Awesome. Can we discuss your shoes? What do you shoot In?

    • juliawad said:

      Jackie! I shoot in Merrell Barefoot Wonder Gloves. I love, I love, I love.

  • marta said:

    seriously love this post, julia. you are a passionate photographer and i am delighted to see your behind the scenes stuff!! you make events look so gorgeously memorable and happy and tied together. even the getting ready parts and prep. these clients of yours are lucky to have you capturing the goodness!!! xo.