Emily & Richard’s Engagement

There was a warmth and genuineness about Emily & Richard that I wanted to bottle up and keep for my own.  I felt it most in the way they treated each other & laughed together.  These two easily let me in to their love story and I was inspired watching behind my lens how perfectly they fit together .  Emily had the perfect amount of spice for Richard’s gentle demeanor.  She is inquisitive and he is thirsty for knowledge.  She is assertive and he is patient.  It’s why I love my job the most.. You get a unique perspective on a truly amazing and important time in a couple’s life. Emily & Richard gave me that perspective wholeheartedly..

And PS, watch out for the most adorable dimple ever by Emily.  I mean seriously, it does not get cuter than that. Congrats on your engagement you two.  June can’t come soon enough.


  • Carrie Geddie said:

    the last four images.... gah, love!!

  • I pretty much love this whole entire session AND THIS COUPLE! I want to be her because I think she is very, very cute and has very nice fringe. Lovely images!

  • Angela said:

    I love that last sequence...the connection and b/w images are fabulous!