Janet & Collin’s Wedding

Janet grew up on Ayr Mount’s grounds.. the same grounds her father lovingly cared for and maintained all her life. This historic home, beautiful & stately, holds so much significance for this sweet family and it set the tone for what was one of the most loving and heartfelt wedding days I’ve ever experienced.

I arrived at Ayr Mount and the family’s kitchen was buzzing with last minute baking and frosting.  Janet’s mother Schatzie was busy finishing the scores of cakes, pastries, breads & cookies she was making for her daughter’s wedding day.  What a labor of love.. and after it was all finished, she quietly helped her daughter into her wedding dress, and walked to the sprawling front lawn where Collin & Janet wed.

Janet & Collin have a love that reminds you of how important love is.  They teemed with it and it was a gift to witness.  Janet & Collin.. thank you for being who you are and for reminding us that love is everything.

Here is their story:


  • Carrie Geddie said:

    Some of the most amazing, elegant, and beautiful photography I've ever seen from you. I was going to list a few favorites, but by the end there were too many. Fantastic work, I know they are absolutely THRILLED with these photos. What a beautiful day!!